Light fixtures with solar panels

Operation concept

Solar lamps are a modern alternative to conventional light fixtures powered by electric energy. Their principle of operation is based on use of sunlight energy. Solar lights are often used not only for lighting urban and country roads and highways, but also for lighting in places where laying of an electrical cable is difficult, impossible or very expensive. This type of lamps does not depend on landscape features, i.e. it can be installed in hard-to-reach places.


Main condition for stable work is placement of solar panel under influence of sunlight. Monocrystalline solar panels collect solar energy during a bright time of day, direct it to convector and accumulate in accumulator batteries already in the form of electric energy. Controller automatically turns on a lamp in the system at twilight. A full charge of batteries lasts for 10 hours of full lighting regime. At first light the lamp turns off and controller switches on the panel, in accumulation and recharging mode. Time of full charge of batteries can vary depending on weather conditions.

After installation and adjustment, this lighting system does not require any additional costs, except for periodic cleaning of solar panels from dust and contaminants. In the end, you get an independent and modern energy source that can be used for lighting of streets, roads, highways and other objects at the dark time.



-  ecologically-clean energy source; ;

-  does not consume network electric energy;

-  does not require cable laying;

-  automated on-off system;

-  allows to produce charge not only at sunny days, but dark time;

- have moisture-proof performance.

Complete set and cost
• Solar panel in set.
• AB Bars GOLD 100 R+ (low).
• Inverter and controller.
• LED light fixtures Gemera 50.
• Metal box for AB, inverter and controller.
• Rear mounting.

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